FIRST LOOK: The Zombies Of "The Walking Dead"

While it's no secret that the production on AMC's October-launching adaptation of Robert Kirkman and company's Image Comics series "The Walking Dead" is well underway, what is surprising is the rapid pace at which the network is releasing new information and teases about the six-episode first season.

Perhaps most exciting to the fans of the comic is the fact that on their "Walking Dead" blog, AMC has unveiled the first production photo from the series that we'll actually see on screen. In addition, the site features an interview with writer and director Frank Darabont where he says, "There's no big mystery about how I came across 'The Walking Dead': I walked into a comic book shop some years ago and saw it. Since I happen to be a zombie nut, I took it home, I read it, and I said "Oh my God, there's a great series in this." And I've been the horse pursuing that particular carrot for five years now, delighted to finally be on the set.

Finally, AMC unveiled a first behind the scenes look at the training of the actors who will play zombies in the series:

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