FIRST LOOK: "Supergirl" #64

2011 has proven to be an interesting year for DC Comics' Maid of Might, but in the wrap to her latest adventure, Supergirl is calling in some heavy-duty reinforcements. In advance of May 18's "Supergirl" #64, the publisher shared with CBR News the final cover by Mahmud Asrar to the finale of the "Good-Looking Corpse" arc wherein Kara Zor-El has to face up to the challenge of fighting the Teen Titans - under the control of the mysterious Alex.

Written by James Peaty with interior art by Bernard Chang, "Supergirl" #64 represents the end of the brief creative change-up to recently land on the title. Starting in June, the Girl of Steel welcomes writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist ChrisCross for a three-part arc starting in issue #65.

"She's a bit tricky for me to write," DeConnick told CBR in a recent interview. "She's more reserved than I am as a human being. My first instincts are not hers, and if I'm not careful I run the risk of confusing "reserved" with "passive." She's not passive. She's cool, rational, cautious without being timid. As much as I think every adolescent is a boiling cauldron of dueling vulnerabilities and passions -- and Kara's no exception -- the rough start that she's gotten in life and the mantle or responsibility that she shoulders have left her more guarded, more contained than most. She's a natural leader. I'm more of a natural pain in the butt, I suspect."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on the future of "Supergirl."

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