FIRST LOOK: Re-colored Pages from "X-O Manowar: Birth"

Valiant Entertainment has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at recolored pages from "X-O Manowar: Birth," a new hardcover volume collecting the original "X-O Manowar" series that began in 1992. When you're done checking out these exciting images, be sure to visit CBR's Indie Comics forum to discuss "X-O Manowar" with fellow readers.

Official Press Release

NEW YORK, NY - Valiant Entertainment provides fans a sneak preview of the X-O MANOWAR: BIRTH hardcover collection in stores April 30th by releasing eight digitally recolored pages of the classic story.

X-O Manowar is one of the most popular characters of the modern era. Since its creation in 1992, X-O Manowar has sold over 8 million comic books and headlined a multiplatform release video game alongside Marvel's Iron Man (Iron Man X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal).


The hardcover collects the full X-O Manowar origin story (X-O Manowar issues #0-6), which has been digitally recolored and remastered using state-of-the-art techniques, and it also includes an all-new epic "The Rise of Lydia" story written by comics legend Bob Layton and illustrated by original Valiant creator Mike Leeke (H.A.R.D. Corps). X-O MANOWAR: BIRTH also features a brand new cover by superstar artist Sean Chen (Rai, Iron Man, Salvation Run).

One of Valiant's original hallmarks is its artistic coloring style. Since the original art assets were no longer available, a unique process was developed to scan the printed page, strip the color from the digital image, reconstruct the inks, and apply digital coloring. The integrity of the original look was preserved, while adding depth, special effects, and corrections using the latest digital techniques. The melding of classic storytelling and modern execution allows the reader to experience the X-O Manowar origin story like never before!


X-O MANOWAR: BIRTH (FEB084088), published by Valiant Entertainment, is solicited in the February Previews (Volume XVIII #2) and scheduled to arrive in comic book stores nationwide on April 30, 2008. It collects the full X-O Manowar origin story (X-O Manowar #0-6) for the first time and includes an all-new epic "The Rise of Lydia" story by comics legend Bob Layton! The book is a full-color 192 page deluxe hardcover edition with a suggested retail price of $24.95.

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