FIRST LOOK "Penguin: Pain & Prejudice" #2

DC Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at Szymon Kudranski's cover for "Penguin: Pain and Prejudice" #2. Written by Gregg Hurwitz and featuring interior art by Kudranski, the issue is slated to hit in November.

While the full solicitation information for the issue won't hit until early next week, Hurwitz told CBR News in an interview last month that, as the cover below indicates, fans will get their Batman fix even as one of the most famous members of the Caped Crusader's rogues gallery is defined in DC's relaunched universe:

"While the focus is on the Penguin here, Batman does swing into the story and play a key role," Hurwitz told CBR. "And yes, if you're Oswald, Batman is the villain. He represents everything that Oswald is not. A broad-shouldered hero who inspires awe and respect merely by entering a room. And Batman also represents all the bullies of Oswald's past, everyone who ever pushed him around and told him what he could -- or couldn't -- do."

Check back with CBR News next week for DC Comics' full slate of November releases.

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