FIRST LOOK: McCarthy's "Batman: Gates of Gotham" Art

As if its name didn't indicate it clearly enough, Gotham City has always been as known for its grim architectural tone as it has been for playing home to DC Comics' Batman. And this May 18, the spooky spires of the city get a story-specific spotlight in "Batman: Gates of Gotham" - a new five-issue miniseries from writers Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins and artist Trevor McCarthy.

CBR News is proud to present an exclusive first look at McCarthy's atmospheric art for the series, courtesy of the publisher.

Snyder recently described the launch of the series in an interview for CBR's THE BAT SIGNAL column, saying, "I was talking to [editor Mike Marts] about exploring Gotham, not as an Elseworlds thing, but Gotham in the '30s and '40s and what the police force and the criminals were like. We started talking about the possibility of developing a story that was a mystery in the present, bringing together members of the Bat-family like Dick and Tim and some surprising ones as well and then stretched all the way back to an unsolved case to do with the building of Gotham itself in the gilded age. So it's a story that deals with a wrong that was committed around the turn of the century, when the big skyscrapers of Gotham were first going up, and a crime that is being committed right now that's trying to draw attention to the secret dark history of Gotham's design."

For more on "Gates of Gotham" from Snyder and Higgins, stay tuned to CBR News in the days ahead, and for more on the entire Batman universe, be sure to check out THE BAT SIGNAL every week!

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