FIRST LOOK: FrankenCastle Vs. Dark Wolverine

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive first look at "Punisher" #19 featuring FrankenCastle vs. Wolverine's son, Daken, along with a few words about the rematch from series writer Rick Remender! Check back later this week when "Dark Wolverine's" Daniel Way joins CBR to discuss his half of the crossover.

The rematch you begged for: Punisher vs Daken!  A few months ago, Wolverine's son hunted down Frank Castle at the behest of a vengeance-seeking Norman Osborn and sliced him to ribbons.  Frank had recently reburied his family and was in a bad place. But Frank's feeling better now, and he's ready for round two - as Franken-Castle!  Everything you ever wanted all in one comic - in the most brutal, down-in-the-dirt, blood-soaked, slugfest the law will allow per page -- guaranteed to kick you right in your damned face, in mighty Marvel fashion, naturally.

So, yeah, this this is going to be amazing. A four part cross-over event with "Dark Wolverine." A hardcore revenge tale through the streets of Tokyo that will leave each character changed in a big way forever. I've been itching to write this since "The List" issue where Daken killed Frank. I knew Frank needed to go down at the end of Dark Reign, and it was a fulfilling chapter to get to write, but it also gave me a never ending itch to write the rematch. Then let Frank get some payback. All it took was one phone call with Dan Way and Marjorie Liu and all the pieces were in place. And it's going to be so much more than you could even guess. We've been okayed to go wild on this. Like a bunch of college aged spring break goers but in an imaginary world full of brightly colored folks who fight a lot. There is a third party who will take part in the festivities. A third participant in the grudge-match who is going to blow off your collective heads. I'll be joined for my half of the cross-over by art master supreme Tony Moore and his solid lead #2 dancers. Simone Bianchi busts out the science on covers. One of which we will now be revealing! Might just be the best cover he's ever done. I'm biased, sure, but c'mon. Take a look at this thing...

-- Rick Remender

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