FIRST LOOK: DC Debuts Ivan Reis' "Trinity War" Interior Art

With Trinity War looming on the horizon, DC Comics has released its first look at the interiors for the battle's opening salvo, sharing several pages of Ivan Reis' art from "Justice League" #22. Written by Geoff Johns, the issue kicks off the publisher's biggest New 52 crossover event to date -- until the bad guys take over in the aftermath for Villains Month and "Forever Evil" this September, that is.

Of course, fans who notice Doctor Light in the pages below may be surprised to hear that he's unlikely to join the ranks of Lex Luthor, General Zod and the Joker in September. According to DC, "In The New 52, Doctor Light is not the same character you may recall from his previous incarnations. This time around, he's a virtuous family man whose both a good husband and father. "But as Doctor Light becomes more and more involved with the Justice League of America, he becomes increasingly conflicted about the team's motives. After all, if each member of the JLA was chosen to take out a specific member of the Justice League, what's Doctor Light's role meant to be?" Kicking off on July 3, "Trinity War" runs through all three Justice League titles from issue #22 - 24, plus issues of "Constantine" and DC's "Trinity of Sin sister titles, "Pandora" and "Phantom Stranger."

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