FIRST LOOK: Chris Houghton's Six-Part, Interlocking "Adventure Time" Covers

With every issue published to date selling out, BOOM! Studios is re-releasing the first six issues of "Adventure Time" in new printings. As an added bonus, artist Chris Houghton's covers for the re-releases combine to create a single, six-part image showcasing the diverse and quirky nature of creator Pendleton Ward's mega-popular universe fleshed out in comics by Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and more.

Below, CBR presents an exclusive first look at Houghton's covers, along with BOOM! Studios' official promotional text for the re-printings.

Adventure Time #1-6

Did you miss out on the phenomenon that is ADVENTURE TIME? Now's your chance to get the first six issues with this special edition. Get the 4th printing of issue #1, the 3rd printing of issue #2, and the second printings of issues #3-6...all forming a massive Land of Ooo connecting cover image by Chris Houghton! All art subject to final licensor approval.

Author(s): Ryan North

Artist(s): Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb

Cover Artist(s): Chris Houghton

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