FIRST LOOK: "Chew" # 15 Tri-Fold Cover

Image Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at the special tri-fold cover for "Chew" #15, the conclusion of the current "Just Desserts" storyline. With the critical and fan-favorite hit series by co-creators John Layman and Rob Guillory hitting the one-quarter mark of it's planned run, Guillory has pulled out all the stops to produce a cover of truly biblical proportions.

CHEW #15


art & fold-out cover ROB GUILLORY

32 PAGES / FC 


"JUST DESSERTS," Conclusion

It's the final chapter of "Just Desserts" and the biggest story in CHEW history, figuratively and literally. As we reach the one-quarter mark of the CHEW run, the last remaining major characters are introduced and an event transpires that is so shocking and unexpected it changes the book forever, fundamentally and irrevocably.

And, as a special sloppy, wet kiss to everyone who has supported the book and helped it succeed beyond our wildest expectations: CHEW #15 is bonus-sized, with more story pages and a special TRI-FOLD POSTER COVER, at no extra cost.Don't trade-wait on this one, folks!RETAILER WARNING: NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES

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