FIRST LOOK: "Captain America: White" #1 Cover & Trade Dress

Marvel Comics has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at the full trade dress as well as the cover for issue #1 of "Captain America: White," the forthcoming miniseries by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Released July 9 with issue #0, "Captain America: White" continues the acclaimed creative team's series of "color" books for Marvel, following "Spider-Man: Blue," "Daredevil: Yellow" and "Hulk: Gray."

When you're through checking out these exciting images, be sure to visit CBR's Marvel Comics forum to discuss "Captain America: White" with fellow readers. For more on the project, check out CBR's interview with writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale.


Written by JEPH LOEB

Artwork & Cover by TIM SALE

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, the Eisner award winning team (DAREDEVIL: YELLOW, SPIDER-MAN: BLUE, HULK: GRAY, Batman: The Long Halloween, Superman For All Seasons, Television's HEROES) return to Marvel and their prestigious "color" book series. CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE is their newest creation, peeling back an untold tale of Captain America and Bucky during World War II. Their unique combination of in-depth characters and high stakes action shines here with Cap's deadliest mission of all. Marvel is proud to bring you Captain America: #0 this summer as a taste of what's to come. Featuring an all new full story about the Origin of Bucky Barnes and how he came into Cap's life, this special edition features a cover gallery, sketchbook, and an interview with the creators. They are happy to be back at Marvel and we're thrilled to have them!

48 PGS./Cardstock Cover/All Ages ...$3.99

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