First Look at <i>Toy Story: Small Fry</i>

As the marketing blitz behind Disney's The Muppets heats up ahead of its Nov. 23 release, expect more parodies, public appearances and previews, but one of the things that has us most excited is the Toy Story short playing before movie.

Angus MacLane, who's been working in the animation department at Pixar going back to A Bug's Life, talked to USA Today about the short, called Small Fry. The story follows a Happy Meal-esque version of Buzz kidnapping our hero and leaving him back at the fast food joint while he returns to Woody and the gang.

"These toys' existence is about being really popular before the meal and then being totally forgotten about," MacLane says. "And sometimes they don't even get played with."

On the other hand, Buzz will have to contend with other toys with a complex, thanks to their meager existence. He even attends a support group meeting run by Neptuna, as voiced by Jane Lynch. "There's something funny about having the action hero have to deal with something very mundane like escaping from an awkward social situation," MacLane says. "To me, that's funny."

You'll be able to decide if he's right in a few weeks, although considering Pixar's track record, we wouldn't bet on Small Fry disappointing.

UPDATED: Now with a higher-resolution image, and second still, courtesy of Stitch Kingdom.

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