First Look at "The Walking Dead" Cast

Io9.com has made available the first cast photo from "The Walking Dead." The image is apparently sourced from a Comic-Con party invite.

The series, due to start in October on cable channel AMC, stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. After years of slow development, the series went into overdrive when producer Frank Darabont brought the show to AMC. Shortly after giving the okay to a pilot directed by the producer, the channel ordered five additional episodes for a six episode season. Darabont previously reported the first season will cover material prior to Grimes's arrival at the prison, suggesting the first season will be based on the first six-to-twelve issues of the series. Creator Robert Kirkman is involved in the series and previously discussed returning to the early parts of the story. "It's interesting because they're not characters that I'm writing very much any more. I'm working on the book every month, but most of the people on the show are dead in the comic. Spoiler alert!" he said to AMC's official blog for the show. "So it's a different experience, and there are a lot of cool twists that are going to make the show entertaining for people who have read the comic. As far as me writing the stuff, it's really cool to go back and play with these characters again that I haven't been able to write in a while."

The show will have a sizeable presence at Comic-Con International: San Diego next week. Plans include an hour long panel featuring the show's stars, limited edition posters and buttons, autograph sessions, and Walkers roaming the convention center.

Though a final airdate has not been announced, the program will air in October during their annual Fearfest marathon of horror films.

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