First Look at Spider-Man TV Guide covers

Back in March CBR News told you about a special collectors edition of TV Guide featuring Spider-Man coming out at the end of April. Obviously timed to coincide with the release of the feature film, in theaters May 3rd, this edition of TV Guide features four different covers by four different comic artists.

CBR News has obtained three of the covers to this spidey-themed issue of TV Guide. The artists involved in this project are John Romita Jr., John Romita Sr., Mark Bagley and Alex Ross. The backgrounds of each cover will connect to one another, creating one long banner. The first cover in the series is the Romita Sr. cover, followed by Romita Jr., Bagley and Alex Ross. SuperHeroHype.com reports that a fifth photo cover featuring Toby Maguire in costume will also be availalbe. For a first look at the covers by Romita Jr., Romita Sr. and Ross click the images below.

Special thanks to our friends at ComicBookPros.com.

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