First Look At Morrison & Burnham's "Batman Incorporated" #13

Next month, Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham conclude Morrison's tenure with the Dark Knight in "Batman Incorporated" #13. DC Comics has released a first look at Burnham's interior pages for the issue, giving a first glimpse at Morrison's conclusion for his Batman saga and the "Vengeance of Batman" story arc following the death of Damian Wayne.

"I wanted to show Batman taking this in a very different way and thinking about death in a very different way," Morrison told CBR in March. "I wanted him doing what Batman does and getting back on the scene and kicking ass. That's what Batman's all about ultimately. But how that plays out and his confrontation with Talia will, I hope, be very different from anything we've seen. What I'm thinking with Talia is that Batman protects Gotham City and does hit little Batman Incorporated, but he's actually got to go up against an international, global crime organization here. And I think he's out of his depth."

Check out Burnham's pages below.

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