First Look At Jason Patric As Christian Walker In FX's <i>Powers</i>

The Chicago Sun-Times has the first look at Jason Patric as Det. Christian Walker in Powers, FX's adaptation of the acclaimed superhero police procedural by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. The newspaper also has word from Executive Producer Charles "Chic" Eglee that the pilot will air in summer 2012 if the full series is ordered.

Now filming in Chicago, Powers follows Walker and his new partner Deena Pilgrim (Lucy Punch), homicide detectives in the Powers division assigned to investigate crimes involving people with superhuman abilities. The pilot also stars Charles S. Dutton as Captain Cross, Bailee Madison as Calista, Titus Welliver as Triphammer, Alona Tal as Zora, and Carly Foulkes as Retro Girl, the popular superheroine whose murder leads to Walker and Pilgrim's partnership.

Eglee, a veteran writer and producer whose resume includes The Shield, Dexter and The Walking Dead, says the TV series won't merely retell stories from the acclaimed comic. The show could, for example, devote an entire season to exploring an arc that originally was only six issues.

He also describes Powers as "a mashup of genres — like, if you took Se7en and smushed it with The Dark Knight."

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