First Look at Hawkgirl & Hawkman's "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" Costumes

The CW has released the first photo of Hawkgirl's (Ciara Renee) and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) in full costume (The wings will be added later via CGI, Renee told CBR earlier this summer).

Both characters are slated to debut as part of "The Flash's" and "Arrow's" next crossover event (Hawkgirl had a brief cameo on "The Flash's" Season 1 finale) before moving on to join the team on 2016's spinoff series, "DC's Legends of Tomorrow."

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As fans of the heroes will quickly note, much like The Flash and Arrow's outfits, the Hawks' look hews closely to their comic book counterparts -- and, if early reports are accurate, so will their relationship.

"[T]he way we've imagined them is that they've obviously been reincarnated through the ages together, but the fact that he remembers their previous lives and she doesn't... it gives them very much like a Bogie & Bacall sort of [relationship]," Klemmer revealed earlier this year, explaining how Hawkman's presence is designed to enhance rather than detract from Hawkgirl as a character.

Following their debut on the next "Arrow"/"Flash" crossover, Hawkgirl and Hawkman will join the "Legends of Tomorrow" team of heroes and villains for its limited run in 2016.

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