First look at Goku from 'Dragon Ball Super' manga [Updated]

The first image has surfaced of Goku from Toyotarō's manga adaptation of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super, the first Dragon Ball television anime in 18 years.

Announced this week, the manga will launch in the double-sized August issue of Shueisha’s V Jump. Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, who’s credited with the “original story and character concepts” for the new anime, also provided the manga’s story.

The author of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, Toyotarō previously drew the three-part adaptation of the new anime film Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F.”

Debuting in July on Fuji TV and other channels in Japan, Dragon Ball Super is set a few years after the defeat of the planet-destroying Majin Buu/Majin Boo, at a time when Earth is peaceful again.

Update: Although V Jump is using this Toyotarō art to publicize Dragon Ball Super, it apparently originated with a promotion for the Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F" manga.

(via Anime News Network, Comic Natalie)

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