First Look at Frank Cho's "Killing Girl" Variant Cover

Official Press Release

This August Entertainment Weekly's Must Artist Frank Espinosa and Glen Brunswick, the screenwriter behind the upcoming film adaptation of EX MACHINA, return to comics with a full color, five-issue miniseries which tells the tale of the mafia's secret service and the woman capable of taking it down from within: KILLING GIRL.

"The series focuses on Sara," explains Brunswick. "She's been the mafia's killing machine for years, but someone from her forgotten past puts her on the road to regain her lost humanity. "

Those familiar with Espinosa's previous all ages work on the critically acclaimed ROCKETO may be shocked by what he pulls off within these pages. Even his art style evolves with the content combining his typical line with such revered crime arts as Dick Tracy's Chester Gould.

"Everyone at Image is very excited by what's next from Glen and Frank," stated Eric Stephenson, Executive Director of Image Comics. "This miniseries is unlike either creator's previous work, and it's bound to startle an awful lot of fans in the best of ways."

You can find out more on KILLING GIRL at http://killinggirl.blogspot.com until the series begins August 8th with a cover price of $2.99.

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