First look at Adam Hughes' cover for <i>Batgirl</i> #2

Late last night Adam Hughes unveiled his cover for October's Batgirl #2, featuring a rather youthful Barbara Gordon, writing on Twitter: "My cover to @GailSimone 's BATGIRL#2, coming in October! Read this comic cos Batgirl's way cuter than Batman!"

But why does Barbara look like she stepped out of the pages of Year One? That's what Batgirl fans would like to know!

"She looks like she’s MAYBE 15, holy crap," be-themoon wrote in the comments of DC Women Kicking Ass. "What was that about a more seasoned, nuanced character, DC? Part of me is tired of even bothering to care about what idiocy DC is getting up to next right now."

Foxforsale offered: "Very young! Maybe its a flashback? They’ll probably be doing lots of those to establish her history with new readers … and to be nostalgic … they fucking love nostalgia."

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