First Images From Boyle's Trance Feature Dawson and McAvoy

Not content to win Academy Awards and create one of the biggest Olympics opening-ceremony spectacles of all time, Danny Boyle is hard at work on his next picture. The 28 Days Later, Sunshine and 127 Hours director recently talked to USA Today about his next project, Trance, for Fox Searchlight.

The film stars James McAvoy as an art auctioneer who needs to see a hypnotherapist played by Rosario Dawson in order to find a missing painting for Vincent Cassel and his gang of thieves. The painting in question is Francisco Goya's Witches in the Air. While it might sound like a fairly straightforward heist story, Boyle said there's more to it. "It begins like that," Boyle said. "But it takes the idea of a stolen painting and develops into something sleeker and more psychological, with twists and turns."

Boyle is  known for tackling all kinds of different genres from zombie horror in 28 Days Later to sci-fi in Sunshine and international game shows in Slumdog Millionaire. He wanted to explore some new territory this time around.

"I wanted to do an updated noir, give it a contemporary spin in terms of emotion," Boyle said. "Noir is usually cold. I wanted it to be more emotionally charged. It's the first time I put a woman at the heart of a movie."

Trance, which opens on March 14, was written by Joe Ahearne and John Hodge. Hodge and Boyle have previously worked together on Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, A Life Less Ordinary and The Beach.

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