First Grinch Trailer Reveals Whether He's Really Naked

This holiday season, you better lock your doors and activate your alarm systems, because the Grinch is coming for your Christmas. Universal has just unveiled an official teaser trailer of Illumination Entertainment's new animated film, The Grinch.

The trailer is light on story details, instead showcasing a basic day in the life of the Grinch, who is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. But the most revealing moment comes when the trailer answers the age-old question of whether the Grinch is really naked.

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After a quick visit of his house and an abrupt wake-up by Pharrell Williams' cheerful song 'Happy,' we see the grumpy Grinch have his morning latte, graciously prepared by faithful canine companion Max. Then it's off to get dressed: raiding his closet, Max browses through many different pairs of green-furred shorts to cover the Grinch's white undies.

After a quick visit of the new Whoville, a punch delivered by an inflatable Santa Claus Christmas decoration gives us all we need to know about this new film: it will follow the popular storybeats of Dr. Seuss' original classic, while also being a modern take on the story.

The Grinch stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character, and is slated for release this November.

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