First gameplay trailer arrives for Telltale's <i>The Walking Dead</i>

On the heels of Friday's eerie teaser for Telltale's The Walking Dead episodic video game arrives a new trailer that provides a first glimpse of gameplay -- and a better look at the character designs, based on the work on series artist Charlie Adlard. Stick around after the trailer to watch story consultant Gary Whitta discuss his role and emphasize that the game is based on the comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Adlard, and not based on the hit AMC television series.

"What we're doing with the game version is starting completely fresh -- the same universe, the same time and place, y'know, it's in and around Atlanta at the time of the zombie apocalypse, but there's no Rick Grimes, none of the major characters are in the game in a major way," Whitta says. "Because how many times can you really keep telling the same story about that one set of characters? [...] So that's the fun thing, that we didn't just want to go back and do Rick's story over again, so we've created a completely new set of characters who are -- it's a similar kind of group, it's a disparate group, and they're often as much as threat to themselves as the undead are, and there's all the kind of interpersonal drama that plays out."

However, he also notes that fan-favorite character Glenn plays a role in the game's first episode, "and then he goes off to join Rick's group, so you can kind of see where the universe intersect."

The first episode of the M-rated game, which Whitta says is "based on making agonizing moral choices," is expected to be available in April.

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