First-Ever Top Cow Podcast Available as Free Download

Official Press Release

Top Cow Productions has proudly launched into the world of podcasting with the inaugural Top Cow Podcast. Prolific writer Paul Jenkins (Civil War: Frontline, Wolverine: Origin) gives his fans his behind-the-scenes commentary on The Agency at: http://topcowproductions.libsyn.com/ . The Podcast is available now, free of charge.

The Podcast is perfectly timed to coincide with the release of The Agency trade paperback. Long out of print, the Top Cow classic with art by Kyle Hotz (The Hood) follows a team of freelance police in a dystopian future as they track a horrific serial killer known as "God's Man." The Agency trade paperback is full color, 192 pages, and carries a $14.99 cover price. In addition to all six original issues of The Agency, bonus pages featuring character designs, layouts, and much more are included. The Agency trade paperback is available with Diamond order code - DEC061913, and the entire first issue is available to view for free at:


"We're very excited to branch into new media with Podcasts, and Paul's an engaging speaker; a great guy to get us started," said Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. "We'll be doing more in the future, but it's Paul who gets us started with a bang."

"I'm truly delighted to see The Agency finally see print in a collected edition," said writer Paul Jenkins. "And I'm truly disturbed by the depravity of comic readers, especially those who stand in line for two hours waiting for my signature. To those fans who brought copies of The Agency for me to sign, I salute you! To the rest of you: this is what you were missing."

Top Cow's Podcasts will continue into the future with periodic audio news bites, behind-the-scenes information, interviews, and other exclusive audio content. Keep checking www.TopCow.com for more.

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