First Doctor's Final Adventure Gets Animated For DVD Release

A key piece of Doctor Who history is getting regenerated just like the iconic Time Lord himself.

According to DoctorWho.TV, the BBC has announced a new project: animating the First Doctor's final adventure "The Tenth Planet." The four-part serial originally aired in 1966 and but the last episode has been missing since the 1970s when it disappeared from the BBC archives.

While the original footage remains unfound, the BBC has teamed with Planet 55 Studios to take the episode's original audio and animate it. This means Whovians will finally be able to see William Hartnell's departure from the series and Patrick Troughton's first appearance as the Second Doctor. As if all that wasn't enough, "The Tenth Planet" features the first appearance of the Cybermen.

Planet 55 Studios did the same process for two missing episodes on the "Reign of Terror" DVD release last year, see an example of the finished product below:

The "Tenth Planet" DVD featuring the animated fourth episode will be out toward the end of the year.

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