First clue hints mystery behind C-3PO's red arm in 'The Force Awakens'

"Star Wars" fans have their first clue into an "Episode VII" mystery set to be explored in an upcoming Marvel comic.

"You probably don't recognize me with my red arm," "Star Wars" mainstay C-3PO proclaims upon his on screen arrival in "Episode VII: The Force Awakens," leaving fans to wonder what no-doubt riveting (natch) saga could be behind the replacement part that does not at all seem like a toyetic storytelling gimmick. It is not remarked upon again in the film.

The adventure behind Threepio's crimson left is set to be explained this February, in a "Star Wars Special" comic from the "Starman" creative team of writer James Robinson and artist Tony Harris, but eagle-eyed readers seemingly spotted their first hint of the tale behind the fail in a newly released "The Force Awakens" book, sharing the subtle detail online.

"C-3PO is uncharacteristically quiet when it comes to discussing his salvaged arm; it is a memento of another droid's sacrifice," the book image first obtained by ComicBook.com reads.

The detail begs the question--who exactly would see fit to sacrifice part of themselves for the protocol droid that spent generations setting back human/cyborg relations? Was the sacrifice one that protected Threepio, or simply a courageous one he admired? Who was that other, red-plated droid, and what was the nature of their relationship?

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The answer should come February, when Robinson and Harris regale fans with the tale of the golden Ewok deity's "Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in their one-shot comic. Until then, those curious are left to wonder whether the two kinds of metal complicate the droid's oil bath.

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