First Class, Green Lantern, Green Hornet: Jan 13th Comic Reel


Despite rumors of the trailer appearing ahead of "The Green Hornet" this Friday, Superhero Hype confirms that will not be the case. According to their article, "the studio is still trying to figure out the launch date." It is possible it may premiere with the Super Bowl, as SHH suggests. As this film is important to Fox, I expect their first presentation of the film to be handled with a certain amount of grace ... and explosions.

Release date: June 3rd, 2011


Blake Lively tells MTV News she hasn't seen the film. Yeah, that's an odd headline. Let's look at the video:

Huh. I imagine much of it still rendering in the computer, but you'd think they could how her some of her scenes assembled, right?

Starring Ryan Reynolds, release date: June 17th, 2011


As we reported earlier this morning, according to The Los Angeles Time 24 Frames blog, Edgar Wright is back to work on the film ... writing it, anyway. "This one's not about about the urgency of summer tentpoles and things going into production without a script," says Wright." According to the post, Wright finally got back to work this week as most of the promotion for "Scott Pilgrim" is behind him. Since he is still working without a gun to his head, I bet we can dismiss cameo rumors in "The Avengers" beyond a line of dialogue about "Dr. Pym" or something.

Release date: TBA


As our pals at Spinoff Online reported, the film's co-writer Evan Goldberg is already talking sequel. "We have the whole plot planned out, which is kind of what we would have done in the first place," he says. The whole Spinoff gang is pretty amped about the flick, so I'm a little more eager to see it at this point. Meanwhile, director Michel Gondry spoke with Collider, here's the video:

Staring Seth Rogen, release date: January 14th, 2011


Sebastian Stan opened up to MTV News about his role in the film. He is, of course, playing Bucky. "Steve Rogers and Bucky are both orphans and kind of like brothers. They kind of grow up together and look after each other. It's a very human, relatable thing," he says. "I wanted to make sure I respected the themes in the comics that people related to about Bucky, but at the same time, in my head, we were shooting a movie that takes place in 1944 and it is about a bunch of guys going to war and how they're going to look out for each other. Bucky always protects and looks out for Steve Rogers."

Starring Chris Evans, release date: July 22nd, 2011


Todd McFarlane offers his pitch for a new film to the LA Times Hero Complex blog: "'Spawn' should be a small-budget movie in which the only thing that's out of the ordinary is this thing that intellectually we know as Spawn and there would only be a handful of people that see it. I call it 'it' because it never talks, it's just a force of nature. Really, the story revolves around the people who are trying to decide: 'Is the ghost alive? Is the shadow actually moving?' The creator admits this pitch leaves studio people puzzled. "To a lot of people, a movie where the [title] character doesn't talk doesn't make any sense," he continues. "There have been a few movies like that. 'Alien,' you know, that guy didn't say much. Or 'Jaws,' the shark didn't have too many speaking lines. 'Jaws' is the closest example, the movie wasn't about the shark, it's about the people chasing the shark."

Release date: TBA


Asked by Collider about his preparation for the role of Odin, Anthony Hopkins responded, "I saw the sets. I saw the designs and what I was going to wear and I went to the studio down in Manhattan beach and saw what they were going to put on me and all that. So when they dressed me up I thought, well, I'm a God now. It was a bit difficult to move around because they had steep steps...that was quite tiring as it's about twenty or thirty pounds that you're carrying around with you all day. And you can't really take much of a rest. So you just come on set, and it's a huge set, and you're in armor and the camera is pointing and you're a God." Oddly enough, that's how I approach the Reel everyday.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, release date: May 6th, 2011


Harry Knowles at Ain't It Cool News hears tell of an announcement for a further "Tron" sequel. "As kids around the country pulled out wall crawling light trail leaving Tron LIGHT CYCLES from under their Christmas trees, Disney has been counting the receipts - and I'm told... it's about to hit the tipping point," he writes. He also says there is a plan, should Disney give the go ahead. Given how the movie ended, I'd say there's more than a plan.

Release date: TBA


So it seems the casting of King Thranduil may fall into the lap of David Tennant, Doctor Who #10. According to Movieweb, "It appears that David Tennant, who will next be seen taking over the role of Peter Vincent, as originated by Roddy McDowall, in a Fright Night remake, has joined The Hobbit as Sindarin Elf King Thranduil." Of course, this is still rumor as the actor has a busy schedule. Consider for a moment that the film could contain two Doctor Whos, several Stephen Moffat all-stars, half the "Lord of the Rings" cast and we still don't know who will voice the dragon! It's getting pretty epic.

Release date: 2012


CBR finally weighs in with its official review of the "Spider-Man" musical. "While the preview status means that the production is still working out some kinks, we saw more than enough to report without hesitation that 'Turn off the Dark' is everything you heard it is and more -- which is to say that it's awful," writes contributor Josh Roberts. "From weak performances to laughable music numbers, nearly every single problem facing 'Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark' stems from its convoluted story. Director Julie Taymor and Glen Berger wrote the book, providing audiences with a story that's as difficult to follow as it is disrespectful towards Spider-Man's established character." If you want more specific examples of how this thing fails, click on the link. It's a doozy and you will not believe the sort of stuff that happens in "legitimate" theater.

Opens: 2011


On a happier note, CBR, along with Warner Home Video and the Paley Center for Media, is proud to present the premier of the next DC Universe animated film in New York and Los Angeles next month. Here are the details:

On Monday, February 14, "All-Star Superman" will screen at the Paley Center in New York City (25 West 52nd Street) with media interviews starting at 5:00 p.m. and screening commencing at 6:30 p.m. Following the screening, noted comics & screenwriter Dwayne McDuffie and casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano will lead a panel discussion. Additional participants, including voice cast members, will be announced as confirmed.

On Thursday, February 17, "All-Star Superman" will screen at the Paley Center in Los Angeles (465 North Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills) with media interviews starting at 5:30 p.m. and screening commencing at 7:00 p.m. A panel discussion will follow the screening featuring "Desperate Housewives'" James Denton (the voice of Superman), executive producer Bruce Timm, director Sam Liu, writer Dwayne McDuffie and dialogue/casting director Andrea Romano. Additional participants, including voice cast members, will be announced as confirmed.

A limited number of tickets are available for free by hitting up AllStarSupermanNY@gmail.com for the New York screening and AllStarSupermanLA@gmail.com in LA. We also have new screenshots and clips this morning, courtesy of Warner Home Video:

Release date: February 22nd, 2011


Deadline reports actor Nick Stahl has joined the cast as "Duncan Locke, an art teacher, who lives nearby and frequently visits Nina and the kids and who strangely has few memories of his time growing up in Keyhouse." The show has also moved from a Summer airing to fall.

Airs: TBA


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Gourdoughs, the donut trailer we stumbled upon Saturday night in Austin. We bought four donuts of various flavors for our group of six and the best, by far, was the son of a peach. Just marvelous. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, or just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya, bracing for the future threat of a year without donuts.

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