"Firefly" Alum Joins "Arrow" Cast as DC's Shrapnel

The CW's "Arrow" adds another "Firefly" alum to its cast and another DC Comics character to its mythology, with Sean Maher set to debut later this season as the supervillain Shrapnel, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the site, Maher is scheduled to debut in the 10th episode of "Arrow's" current season. The show's take on Shrapnel is described as "a serial bomber who places Starling City in a grip of terror and threatens the life of Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro)."

Shrapnel debuted 1988's "Doom Patrol" #7, by Paul Kupperberg and Erik Larsen. Comprised of pieces of organic metal, the character's backstory has never been completely fleshed out, though it's been established he was once a normal human named Mark Scheffer. Shrapnel's appearances have been limited in recent years, and he's yet to debut in New 52 continuity.

In its second season, "Arrow" has already shown a commitment to introducing more characters from DC Comics, with Michael Jai White debuting last week as the Bronze Tiger, Jimmy Jean-Louis playing a character linked to Amazo called "The Captain," in news first reported by CBR.

Maher is the second "Firefly" actor to join "Arrow" in season two, along with Summer Glau. On "Firefly," Maher and Glau played siblings Simon and River Tam.

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