10 Most Unique Fire Powers In Fire Force

Usually, in a series that features fire-based superpowers, it's not just fire. Usually, it's fire, earth, wind, and water. But, Fire Force is different. All of the abilities in this show are completely focused on fire. So, one would think that there wouldn't be much to play with under that sort of ruleset. But, they'd be absolutely wrong. Fire Force has an exceedingly wide variation of different types, scale, and levels of firepower. There are some who can only manipulate flame, others who can level entire city blocks, and even a few who make weapons out of pure flame. We're going through the entire series, manga and all, to find the weirdest and most unique blazingly bombastic fire powers out there! As such, we'll be showing panels from the manga, but we'll keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum. Don't worry.

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10 Shinra Kusakabe: The Devil's Footprint

First up, surprisingly, we have the protagonist's own Ignition Ability, The Devil's Footprints. It goes by some other names later on in the series, but that involves spoilers, which is a no-no. Basically, Shinra's feet are jet engines. They output flames and allow Shinra to fly, move in 3-dimensions at all times, and crash into others at high speeds. On the surface, this seems pretty standard as far as powers go. But, as the plot advances and Shinra gets stronger, things get a bit more...unique. Basically, don't think of Shinra as only having "flight" because this ability is so much more than that.

9 Takehisa Hinawa: Bullet Redirection

Takehisa Hinawa is the lieutenant of the 8th brigade. He's a second-generation user meaning that he can't produce his own flames, but can instead control other sources of flame with insane finesse. And, as such, he uses guns as a catalyst to control the bullets speed, trajectory, and power.

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Again, at first glance, his ability seems a bit dull. But he can speed up each individual pellet in a shotgun blast, make normal guns harmless by slowing them down, and even pump a bullet past the speed of sound so it becomes as powerful as a cannon shell. His only real weakness is that he depends on ammo rather than having an infinite resource.

8 Karim Fulham: Thermoacoustic Refrigeration

This is probably the first power in the series that played around with thermal-based science. Karim Fulham's ability has to do with Thermoacoustic Refrigeration, a concept that converts thermal energy into sound waves to cool it down then spits it back out as ice. At first glance, Karim looks like he'd use an entirely music-based ability but it turns out his brass instrument is a weapon of frigid proportions. This ability is much stronger than one would expect, as it can use an infernals own flames against them. As far as we're aware, Karim just might be the strongest second-generation user out there.

7 Benimaru Shinmon: Second And Third Gen User

It's not fair, Benimaru used cheat codes! Or at least it seems like he did, considering the Japanese-themed leader of the 7th Brigade is both a second and third generation user. Essentially, this means Benimaru can create flames, then manipulate them however he wants.

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This allows him to fly on flaming broomsticks, turn potted plants into grenades, and even turn his hand into a lethal blade. Honestly, the sky is the limit with him, and we still don't know his absolute peak of power. Benimaru is the strongest Ignition-user in the Fire Brigade and that only becomes more apparent the longer the series goes on.

6 Kurono: Black Smoke, Weapons Crafting And More?

Kurono makes no sense, and we mean like none, at all. This character was introduced relatively recently in the manga as an eccentric bully of the weak. His arm is fully oxidized from Ignition overuse yet he's apparently as strong as Benimaru. But, every other character we've seen with oxidation suffers from debilitating pain when using their Ignition abilities. And that's not all! Kurono also controls a thick black smoke that works as a sort of "detection field." Oh, and he can create any weapon from his smoke. And don't forget how he can create smoke-zombies out of normal humans. He's just a bit, all over the place.

5 Lisa "Feeler" Isaribi: Magnetic Fire Tentacles

Moving on, we have another Third Generation with a fairly vague ability. Lisa is a character anime-kids will meet during the Vulcan arc, and she's great. Her Ignition Ability summons octopus tentacles made of flame that are apparently "magnetically" attracted to living creatures. Meaning that they're a sort of auto-defense system.

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But, they seem to be made of weaker flames, as they don't pack too much of a punch and are easily extinguished. Still, Lisa Isaribi, otherwise known as "Feeler"  is not to be taken lightly, at least not when it comes to a battle in an enclosed area.

4 Ogun Montgomery: Blacksmith-Themed Flames

There are quite a few Ignition users who are all over the place when it comes to their abilities. Ogun Montgomery, on the other hand, usually follows a set theme with his powers. Ogun is entirely based around a "blacksmith" mentality. His flames usually take the shape of smith-related tools/weapons, he's focused on smashing and bashing opponents, and his name is literally based on the act of smithing. But, his most unique ability is his Flamey Ink, in which Ogun covers himself with tattoos made of pure flame. These imprints then seem to imbue the 4th Brigade prodigy with supernatural abilities.

3 Jonah: Thermal-Based Plastic Surgery

While most of the other characters on this list are combat-centric fighters, Jonah is an example of the opposite. Jonah isn't the best person around, in fact, it's not even confirmed if he's human at all. But, he does have a fairly unique Ignition Ability, to use heat as a way to change someone's features. The manga explains it as he's using localized heat to expand capillaries and lymph nodes, but that still makes no sense since he changes peoples height and body shape. Still, at the end of the day, Jonah is able to change anyone's appearance in a flash, even his own.

2 Takeru "Juggernaut" Noto: Guns, Missles, And More Made Entirely From Flame

Takeru "Juggernaut" Noto is another Fire Brigade rookie with tons of potential. Takeru is the treasured Third Gen of the 2nd Brigade who originates from the "Chinese Continent" in the manga. He's massive in size but is absolutely terrified of fire. Although, one wouldn't think so when observing his Ignition Ability. Mr. Noto here essentially has the ability to launch a large amount of flame-based missiles out of thin air. It's shown later on that he can actually create many different military-based armaments out of the fire. but the missiles are what we see most. And, he's also weirdly invincible in his Brigade uniform, going so far as to even "grow" limbs back in a flash.

1 Charon: Kinetic To Thermal Conversion

And finally, we'll finish with Charon. One of the antagonists of the series and a total nutjob. Charon at first seems like a Third Generation user since he creates explosions just by walking during his debut appearance. But, upon closer inspection, Charon is actually a second-generation carefully disguising himself. His real ability is being able to convert Kinetic energy into Thermal. Meaning that when people punch him, he can absorb that impact and create flame proportional to the energy of the punch. Basically, if his opponent is unaware of his abilities, Charon is almost invincible.

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