Fire Devils, Retro Heroes, TMNT & More in "Digital Webbing Presents" #24

Official Press Release

HAVERHILL, MA (May 16, 2005) - July is the month of Independence; and the Internet's longest running independent collaborative anthology celebrates with DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #24!

"It began in December 2001," said Digital Webbing publisher, Ed Dukeshire. "As you know, with each issue we try to top each previous issue. We started out as an anthology of short stories but have progressed to launching new characters and concepts which hopefully canspin off into their own ongoing series."

The jam-packed, full-color, 24th issue of the acclaimed anthology series features these exciting stories and creators!


Written by Ron Fortier (Terminator, Green Hornet), with penciled by Dario Carrassaco Jr. (Star Wars), inked by Todd Swain (10th Muse), Stacie Ponder & Luis Alonso, and colors by Richard Hiltbrunner.

"The Mask of the Gargoyle is what I call a tribute to the pulp era. As what we have come to read and enjoy, this story will bring back that hair raising excitement and adrenalin rush suspense and action," said Carrasco.

"Digital Webbing is the best place where MoG can be properly published. I have already been talking with Ed Dukeshire (DW owner/publisher) on publishing more Gargoyle adventures in upcoming issues. The next chapter is already scheduled to be seen in DWP #25, and the third following shortly." said Carrasco.


Written by Mike Imboden, with art by Anthony Castrillo (X-Force, Impulse).

"The Fist of Justice was created by myself and Ed [Dukeshire] back in the 90's," said Imboden. "Now, with DWP's changing focus onto recurring characters, we felt it was time to take this out, dust it off, and develop it into an ongoing feature. I'm really jazzed by Anthony's work - he really captured the 'old school' feel that we wanted to do thisin."


Written by Dan Berger (Gutwallow), penciled by Andie Tong (Masters of the Universe), inks by Darren Close (OZ Comics), and colors by Jeremy Roberts (G.I. Joe).

"The Turtles story has been in development for quite a while now and I'm very pleased with how it came out." said Dukeshire. "I'm sure TMNT fans will really dig this story, it's classic, fun and should make you laugh."

"For me, it was a fun project that gave me a break from my other gigs." said artist, Andie Tong. "Further more, I can now cross off another favorite 80s title on my list of dream projects I'd like to work on. But hopefully, in the future, I'll get an opportunity to pencil a longer, more in depth storyline for these green fighting machines. That would be grand."


Pepijn Berghout and Stephen St. Laurent return with another futuristic story of forgotten technology. IMPH first appeared in DWP #23 and has also been published in Heavy Metal magazine.

DWP #24 also features two outstanding cover images spotlighting this month's feature stories; including The Mask of the Gargoyle by artist Dario Carrasco, and Fist of Justice by artist Anthony Castrillo, done in the classic style of the great Jack Kirby!

DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS #24 (MAY05 2704) is 32-pages of full-color excitement, and can be found in the current issue of Previews catalog for items shipping in July 2005.

For more information on this and other Digital Webbing projects, visitthem online at http://www.digitalwebbing.net.

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