Fiona Staples saddles up to <i>Jonah Hex</i>

DC's blog The Source just posted news (and art!) that up & coming artist Fiona Staples is drawing an upcoming issue of Jonah Hex.

Staples will be illustrating Jonah Hex #66, which is expected to hit shelves the first week of April. Staples has been rising in the comics world, with her most recently working with Steve Niles on IDW's Mystery Society, and she also did the North 40 miniseries for Wildstorm as well as covers for DV8: Gods & Monsters.

Staples is just the latest in a long line of stellar artists that writers Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and the editors at DC have been able to wrangle. In its five year run, it's had Tony DeZuniga, J.H. Williams 3, Darwyn Cooke, Jordi Bernet, Luke Ross, John Higgins, Phil Noto, Paul Gulacy, Brian Stelfreeze, Eduardo Risso, Russ Heath, David Michael Beck, Dick Giordano, Billy Tucci and more.

Wow. I get tired -- and excited -- just saying those names.

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