Fintan Studios offers first two issues of 'The Forgotten' online

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Issues one and two of Fintan Studios' breakout comic book mini-series, "the forgotten," are now available to read for free online on their website at www.fintanstudios.com . The release of the two comicsonline this week follows up the August 21st release of the third issue of their series.

The founders of Fintan Studios and the authors of the series, Evan Young and Jareth Grealish, are excited to be offering the issues on the Internet for a wider web-connected audience.

"For us, offering our comics online can only help in the end," saidGrealish. "Now anyone with an Internet connection can read our first two issues. It's a great way to grab new readers and broaden our audience," he said.

"It's a natural move," said Young. "Monthly comic books have a short shelf life in retail stores. This is our way of making sure that anyone who wants to read our comics -- but can't find them in stores -- will still have the opportunity to check them out and enjoy them. And, in the end, if we've snared more readers, it will help our sell-through in retail stores for the two later issues in the series."

Before launching the series, Fintan promised to put out each issue on time as solicited. The release of "the forgotten" #3 continued to uphold this promise to fans and retailers. "After shipping on time for three issues in a row, offering our comics online is another way we're showing that we take our business seriously," said Grealish. "We're making every effort possible to build our following."

In addition to online comics, Fintan has also reached out to retailers with an ambitious free comic offering. In July, with the help of Diamond Comics Distributors, Fintan sent out 500 copies of each of their first two issues to retailers across the U.S. in an effort to raise awareness about the book.

"If retail store owners don't know you're out there publishing comics, and your book isn't on their shelves, then the comic book fans won't know aboutyou either," said Young. "If we have to send out 1000 more comic books to get more people interested in us, and to raise more awareness about ourstory, then we'll do it," said Young.

"With everything we're doing, it all boils down to the simple fact that we want people to be reading our story. No matter what it takes, we'll try it, because we know we've got something great," said Grealish.

Issue #1 of "the forgotten" can be read online by aiming your web browser at http://www.fintanstudios.com/online1.htm.

Issue #2 of "the forgotten" can be read online by aiming your web browser at http://www.fintanstudios.com/online1.htm.

Issue #3 of "the forgotten" was released on August 21st and retails for$2.95. Black & white, 32 pages with cover artwork by John Forcucci, pencils by Jason Cheeseman-Meyer and inks by C.A. Aabo.

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