10 Craziest Finishing Moves In Dragon Ball

Throughout the history of the series we have seen characters perform some of the most outrageous feats, so it was only natural that we make a list of the moves that left the best impression. The list has been established from the entire franchise, including the movies, and has the signature techniques of several different characters.

These moves may have different names in different games and might be non-canon, but nevertheless, they're all fascinating and each more insane than the next. After all, the one thing Dragon Ball Z is well known for is the epic moves that you can't help but scream along with.

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10 Final Flash

The Saiyan prince Vegeta stakes his pride in this devastating attack during his battle with Perfect Cell. After being outclassed by Cell, Vegeta makes one “final" stand in the form of his final flash attack.

The move makes the user focus his energy with his arms stretched out to his sides and then, as he brings both arms forward, compresses the focused energy into a ball which upon release emits a beam which is a combination of energy, coated in kinetic electricity. The area of effect for this attack is linear, the beam is quite wide and it is strong enough to disintegrate the opponent.

9 Dragon Fist

This attack is first used by Goku during his battle with Hirudegarn. This attack launches the users' ki towards the opponent. Goku focuses ki in his fist and then propels himself towards, or just uses a large enough momentum to amplify the initial force.

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The punch, being augmented with ki, usually leaves a gaping hole in the opponent's abdomen and gives an aura in the form of a golden dragon with a strong resemblance to Shenron. The dragon then wraps around the opponent and vaporizes them. It is mainly used on opponents who are stronger or very difficult to beat, and while only a punch, is awe-inspiring.

8 Spirit Bomb

This was the last resort technique that saved the world from Majin Buu. Originally an ancient technique, taught by King Kai, the spirit bomb allows a user to collect energy from any living thing and those who are willing enough to share their energy voluntarily.

The technique focuses the pure energy and condenses it into a sphere, the sphere slowly builds up depending on the energy being provided and grows in both size and power. Initially, it was the size of a basketball and then becomes a small planet. The energy is able to vaporize the target if a large enough amount is collected, otherwise, it just explodes with the opponent encompassed in it.

7 Hakkai

Literal translation being “destruction", Hakkai is a very powerful ability that is used by the Gods of Destruction. Hakkai requires special energy that is attained when someone is chosen as a God of Destruction or even a candidate for the position.

The attack works by focusing ones' energy in their palm and then directing it towards the opponent. The concentrated energy eradicates the target at a cellular level and “destroys" their very existence. It can also be coated on the body to create a sort of armor that can nullify any energy attack and disintegrate the enemy on physical contact.

6 Soul Punisher

A technique created by Gogeta, the fusion via fusion dance of Goku and Vegeta. The technique focuses on the users' energy into a ball, the energy is quite pure radiates colors from the entire spectrum from violet to red.

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The ball can either be launched directly or crushed in the hand and then launched at the opponent. The attacks' property is that it destroys all traces of evil from the target, inside and out, including pure souls who have been corrupted by a third party. It cannot be guarded against physically or with a ki barrier and can only be dodged.

5 Father-Son Kamehameha

In the finale to the Cell saga, the Father-Son Kamehameha was the last stand used by Gohan. The move starts off with Gohan charging a Super Kamehameha and then firing it at the opponent, then when he hears his father from the otherworld encouraging him.

When Goku tells him to release his power, he pulls back his hand, in an action much like cocking a shotgun, and summons every last ounce of energy he had to boost the output of the Kamehameha and obliterate the opponent. The technique drains him to the point of exhaustion but ensures the destruction of his adversary.

4 Supernova

The go-to move for Frieza and his family when they want to get rid of what they deem as "pests". This technique was used by Frieza to eradicate all Saiyans and vaporize planet Vegeta because he was feeling threatened by their potential.

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The technique forms the users' energy into a giant ball of ki that is so versatile that it resembles a small star about the size of the moon and can even absorb blasts that are weaker than itself. It also can’t be canceled out and can only be pushed back with enough force or with a consistent energy wave with a faster rate of fire than it’s own absorption speed.

3 Instant Transmission Kamehameha

Used by Goku as a final option during his brawl with Cell. After a long fist fight against Cell, it was clear that he was slightly weaker and wouldn’t be able to win, so he used his only ace in the hole. The technique itself is a simple Kamehameha that has been amplified by the Super Saiyan energy boost but when combined with Goku’s instant transmission technique, it becomes an unpredictable and deadly attack.

He is able to teleport to any position to unleash the technique and even magnify the damage by releasing the wave at point-blank range, destroying the opponent. It’s almost like taking a bomb to the face.

2 Hell Flash Maximum Output


A skill developed by Android 16 and used against Imperfect Cell. To prevent Cell from absorbing Android 17 and 18, Android 16 rocket-punches Cell and proceeds to slam him in the ground. He then detaches both his hands to reveal his hidden blasters and releases an energy wave so great that it made over fifty extra holes in the ground due to the high power surge.

It is an impressive ability, and while used in short range because of the dispersion of power at a large distance, it leaves the ground under the target (Cell) riddled with holes. It's Android 16's most iconic move.

1 Final Explosion

Used by Majin Vegeta during the Buu Saga as a last resort. The attack transforms the user's body into a live nuke by focusing every ounce of energy in his body's cells and then releasing it in an unstable manner.

The explosion radius is equal to that of “Little Boy" or even “Fat Man" and the damage output of the attack is strong enough to destroy a person’s body down to their cells until nothing but pencil shavings and confetti remain. However, this move is extremely dangerous, as it causes severe damage to the body. Vegeta used the technique twice and only survived once.

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