Find Out When 'Minecraft' Is Blasting Into Theaters

"Minecraft" is coming to the big screen in 2019 and may give "Star Wars" and "The Avengers" some friendly box office competition.

According to Variety, "Minecraft" will arrive in theaters on May 25, 2019. The film will be opening against "Avengers Infinity War: Part Two" and "Star Wars: Episode IX," which are set to open May 3 and May 23, respectively.

"Minecraft" is one of the most downloaded apps and financially successful mobile games in history. It allows users to build their own worlds within a digital 3-D sandbox and has been praised for its creativity and memorable character designs.

"Minecraft" hails from Warner Bros. and will be directed by "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" co-creator and star Rob McElhenney.

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