Finch's Double Duty on "Dark Knight"

Bit by bit and page by page, artist David Finch has been expanding his DC Comics oeuvre since signing on as an exclusive talent with the publisher in January. Already gracing the covers of some of the company's marquee titles on "Brightest Day" and with a villainous view in "Action Comics," Finch recently saw his first sequential work for the publisher providing futuristic interiors for "Batman" #700.

And starting this October, Finch's interior Batman streak will continue indefinitely as DC announced today via The Source that the artist will turn writer/artist for "Batman: The Dark Knight" - an all-new ongoing series. Preceded by an October one-shot titled "Batman: The Return," which will be scripted by Bat-line mastermind Grant Morrison, the new series will feature a "unique and yet classic interpretation of the Caped Crusader" as the blog reports.

Finch also added: "Maybe the greatest thing about Batman is his versatility as a character. He can be so many things to so many people. For me though, the Neal Adams, Denny O'Neil issues from the early 70's are the most definitive. That work casts a very long shadow over every Batman book that has come out since, and I think its a testament to it's strength that close to 40 years later it remains modern and vital. Batman is at his best with his hands dirty, chasing the worst of the worst with everything on the line. He's a detective, first and foremost. But he's also the enforcer. Nobody gets away with crime under Batman's watch, and he makes sure they think twice before they step over the line again.

"'The Dark Knight' takes Batman outside what he knows, into a world of demonology, dark arts, and mystery. He's the ultimate detective, faster, stronger and smarter than any villain, but now he faces creatures to whom logic and mortality don't apply. I want 'Dark Knight' to be true to Batman's street level, crime fighter roots. He'll face a rogues gallery that we're all familiar with, but this book will take him on a darker path where he'll be stretched to his physical and psychological limits."

For more, check out The Source, and look for more with Finch on "The Dark Knight" soon, right here on CBR!

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