Finches Introduce Pre-New 52 Character in "Wonder Woman" #37

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Wonder Woman" #37, on sale now.

When DC Comics relaunched its entire line of books in 2011, the majority of the publisher's heroes and villains were overhauled and re-introduced as part of the fresh-start universe, dubbed the New 52. But while the mainstays of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman and others were joined by an extensive roster of their supporting characters and secondary cast members, there were a few fan-favorites that, for one reason or another, didn't make the initial roster. Over the past 3-plus years, a number of these characters have found their way to the New 52. Some, like Spoiler/Stephanie Brown, arrived in a familiar if slightly tweaked form, while others, as in the case of Wally West, have been introduced with more significant changes from their previous incarnations.

Today, in the pages of "Wonder Woman" #37, Meredith and David Finch have introduced one of the most requested characters since the reboot hit 3.5 years ago. The final page of the creative team's second issue features the first New 52 appearance of Donna Troy, one of the most popular Teen Titans ever, and one of the characters CBR readers would most like to see introduced to the current DCU.

A character whose continuity/origins are perhaps one of the most convoluted in the history of all comics, this Donna Troy appears to have been created from whole cloth. The result of a sacrificial ceremony conducted by Derinoe, one of the members of the Amazons' council, and a mysterious sorceress, Troy's ultimate purpose has not been revealed, though she has been created in order to deal with Wonder Woman's perceived neglect of her duties as queen of the Amazons.

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