Fincher and Ellroy Team Up For HBO Noir Drama 'Shakedown'

HBO has closed a development deal with David Fincher and James Ellroy for Shakedown, a noir drama set in 1950s Los Angeles, Deadline reports. The project follows a protagonist based on Fred Otash, a 1950s vice cop who switched careers to become a private investigator.

It pairs Gone Girl director Fincher with L.A. Confidential writer Ellroy once again; the two previously worked together to turn Ellroy's novel The Black Dahlia into a miniseries. While this HBO series shares a title and lead character with a novella written in 2012 by Ellroy, Deadline clarifies it isn't an adaptation of that work.

This is only the latest HBO project with Fincher attached. The director revealed in an interview with The Guardian in September that he will spend most of 2015 directing every episode of HBO's remake of the U.K. series Utopia. At the time, Fincher stated that he was not eyeing projects past the remake. There is no information yet as to when Shakedown will go into production.

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