Finch Teams with The Demon

Gone, gone the form of man and rise the Demon Etrigan -- who joins the Dark Knight for an supernatural themed adventure in writer and artist David Finch's ongoing "Batman: The Dark Knight."

Recently, Finch spoke with CBR's BAT SIGNAL, where he discussed the upcoming appearance of the rhyming, hellish hero. "I think Etrigan is a great character. There's a lot of potential with that character, and I wanted to explore him a bit," he told CBR. "I love Neil Gaiman -- and I certainly don't want to claim my book will have any Neil Gaiman to it -- but I love the elements he's played with and want to do the same a little bit. Etrigran more than any other character really defines where I want to go with the book."

Today on The Source, Finch offered a preview image from the story, which began with December's "Batman: The Dark Knight" #1 and continues in February's issue #2. The six-part arc focuses heavily on the supernatural and more arcane aspects of the DCU and literally brings hell to Gotham City. Today, Finch offered some insight into the story and Etrigan's choice between betraying and old friend or forever losing his place in the hierarchy of hell.

"Batman enlists the help of Etrigan the Demon, who has intimate knowledge of the threat he faces, but Etrigan has loyalties of his own, and helping Batman puts him at odds with his masters. He's been demoted in  the hierarchy of hell, but when he's offered the honor of being a rhymer once again if he betrays Batman, he has a terrible decision to make," Finch told The Source. "Meanwhile Batman's attention is almost completely consumed by the beautiful Dawn Golden, who he's been trying to rescue from capture. He becomes so obsessed with finding and saving her, that he goes to places within himself that he has always held in check. And he doesn't see the forces that are aligning themselves against him. There would be no hope if it weren't for an unlikely new friend who is there to help when he needs it the most. But helping Batman comes at a high price."

Check out The Source for more from Finch, and keep it locked to CBR for word on DC's next moves.

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