Finally, Also Mourning the Loss of the Big Seven JLA

I loved Justice League International. I thought it was great. If you are going to do a completely different take on the idea of a "Justice League" like that, then fair enough, you don't need a Big Guns JLA. You can do more with the second (and third) tier characters.

But then Giffen and DeMatteis left, and basically, you had standard Justice Leagues for the next five years. Only standard Justice Leagues with teams made up of a mix of first tier, second tier and third tier characters (heck, probably some sixth tier, too).

And why couldn't they just do a "Big Seven Justice League" like the old days?


Editorial concerns. Superman can't join the Justice League, he's too busy re-acclimating to being alive again. Aquaman doesn't want to be on a team. Kyle Rayner can't join the Justice League, he's too new. He can be on the Titans! Batman won't be on the team, and in fact, he NEVER was on the Justice League! If you say he was you are mistaken!

Then Grant Morrison did JLA with the Big Seven (plus others).

And it was awesome.

Mark Waid did JLA with the same basic cast. And it was awesome.

Joe Kelly did the JLA with the same basic cast. And it was still pretty darn awesome.

But soon, editorial concerns came in and suddenly the same stuff that happened pre-Morrison was happening.


It is not so awesome.

But you know what was still awesome? Justice League Classified, which mostly starred (wait for it, wait for it) the cast from JLA!!!

Just give us a "Big Seven" Justice League!! You can add all the extra people you like! Blue Starman can be on the team! Cyborg can stay! Just also give us Superman, Batman (Bruce or Dick0, Wonder Woman, Flash (Barry or Wally), Green Lantern (whoever you want - Hal, Kyle, John, Guy, Doopy, Sneezy, Blitzen, whoever), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter! Especially now that they're all currently alive!

Editorial concerns be damned - they can keep up with their stories in their own titles, just have them be on the Justice League in the Justice League.


It could be awesome.

Just let it be awesome, please?

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