Finale to "Identity Crisis" Triggers Mult-Issue Sell-Out

Official Press Release

With the shocking events of the seventh issue of IDENTITY CRISIS (OCT040285) hitting comics shops today, DC Comics is pleased to announce that four issues of the blockbuster miniseries have sold out at the publisher. These issues are:

* IDENTITY CRISIS #1 Third Printing (APR045290)

* IDENTITY CRISIS #2 Second Printing (APR045288)



Since its announcement, IDENTITY CRISIS has continually gained momentum thanks to mainstream press coverage, which has included stories in Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, The New York Post, Spin and scores of local newspapers across the country, and strong coverage in the comics press.

The mainstream press coverage continues with a story in today's New York Times that notes "the series has been the subject of intense debate on comics message boards. Readers have witnessed the rape and murder of one hero's wife, the murder of Robin's father and a death threat against Lois Lane. But the bigger shocks have come from the Justice League, whose members made a secret pact to brainwash villains to keep their identities secret and their families safe." This marks the third time IDENTITY CRISIS has been covered in the Times.

"Needless to say, this has been one of the most amazing and humbling projects I've ever been a part of," says writer Brad Meltzer. "On behalf of the hardest working team in show business - Rags Morales, Michael Bair, Alex Sinclair, Kenny Lopez, Michael Turner and Senior Group Editor Mike Carlin - thank you to all the readers and retailers for believing, which, to me, is the best thing comics offers us all."

Limited quantities of the following issues of IDENTITY CRISIS remain available for reorder:




Please note that DC does not plan to go back to press on the out-of-print issues at this time. Individual issues may still be available at retail. As a reminder, IDENTITY CRISIS will not be available as a collected edition before September 2005.

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