Final "X-Men: Apocalypse" Trailer's Biggest, Most Important Reveals

The moment has arrived -- the final trailer for "X-Men: Apocalypse" has been unleashed, and it's a big deal.

The most recent look at Bryan Singer's upcoming mutant movie includes pretty much everything you'd want from a summer superhero blockbuster: action, quips, epic special effects and fist-pump-inducing shots of our heroes. The trailer -- which you can share your reaction to in our poll -- even includes confirmation that one mutant in particular will have a part to play in the film.

But that's not the only revelation included in the clip's two-and-a-half minute running time. There are a number of plot and character reveals that give fans a look at what's in store for Professor X (James McAvoy) and his students when the film opens on May 27. Here are the seven biggest takeaways from the action-packed promo.

Apocalypse Absorbs Power

Director Bryan Singer has spoken about his take on Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), which interprets the classic comic villain as more of a dis-incorporated consciousness that travels from body to body. This isn't part of the classic Apocalypse's power set, and we get to see this new ability in action in the trailer. However, we don't yet know how this power-siphoning factors into movie Apocalypse's overall skills. Does he gain those mutants' literal powers, or do they act as sustenance and give him increased physical strength?

Xavier: Kidnapped!

The trailer offers up a key plot point, one that's been absent from previous peeks at the film. Professor Xavier gets taken away at some point of the film, as Beast (Nicholas Hoult) tells Raven following footage of Charles being thrown around by Apocalypse. This would appear to be one of the film's major turning points, as another franchise veteran steps in to fill the void left by the kidnapped Charles Xavier...

Professor M

With Xavier out of commission, Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique rings the bell at the Xavier school and gets to teaching. Not only does Raven pick up where Charles left off with the existing student body, the trailer shows Mystique on a recruitment drive where she encounters Quicksilver (Evan Peters) and Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee). Of course there doesn't seem to be much continuity between Xavier's and Raven "Forget Everything You Think You Know" Darkholme's teaching styles -- which is to be expected, seeing as how the X-Men are going up against a god.

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