Wonder Woman: What We Learned From the Final Trailer

The fourth and final "Wonder Woman" trailer arrived Sunday night, and it may well be the best advertisement for the film to date! The trailer hit several different emotional notes in terms of the narrative used by director Patty Jenkins, indicating along the way that it could well be Warner Bros' most balanced DC Films outing to date in terms of character depth, humor and, of course, over-the-top action. While we've already seen much of the teaser's two-and-a-half minutes of footage in some form or fashion already, the new material shed additional light on what to expect when Diana of Themyscira arrives in the world of man.

Torn Between War and Peace

One of the key moments involves Queen Hippolyta, leader of the Amazons, putting little Diana to bed and instilling in her a philosophy of peace. It stands in stark contrast to the footage we've seen already that appears to be positioning her as someone who was raised as a warrior from a young age, adding context to Jenkins' comments about the hero's overall quest not being a typical one.

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"Diana, fighting does not make you a hero," the Amazonian queen tells her daughter, with the innocent yet daring child relying, "What if I promise to be careful? Just a shield, then? No sharp edges."

In this simple, undeniably cute exchange, we learn that Hippolyta attempts to bridge Diana's two worlds -- the warriors the Amazons were made to be, and their innate (yet uncharacteristic) desire for peace -- as she raised the future Justice Leaguer. This is particularly clear when we see young Diana riding her horse through the Amazonian fields, training with her people and, of course, being introduced to the weapons the Amazons revere, a dichotomy that it appears we'll see shown throughout the movie.

Diana's Journey & Destiny

"Be careful of mankind, they do not deserve you," is the rest of advice Diana's mother gave in their bedside talk, which goes a long way to hinting that Diana's destiny may well have been mapped out before she was even born. Speculation is rife that the character's big screen path may echo the current comics incarnations, revealing Wonder Woman to be a demigod either as the daughter of Zeus, or even Ares. But what's clear is that the anti-war lessons her mother taught her appear to be quickly thrown out the window when the world of man comes knocking on their doorstep.

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Chris Pine's Steve Trevor washes ashore, warning the Amazons they're no longer safe in isolation while wrapped in the Lasso of Truth. This may well be what jump-starts Diana's proactive path, leaving the isle on a mission to stop the looming dark threats before they encroach on Themyscira. Basically, you can't run, and you can't hide. We see Diana telling her mother that she has to leave the island, resulting in the neophyte hero stealing her Amazonian shield, the God Killer sword, her iconic Lasso of Truth and her headpiece. "Who will I be if I stay?" she asks Hippolyta, a brief exchange that seems to confirm that Diana wants to save the world, not just her people.

Villains Still Steeped in Mystery

So far, Warner Bros. has done an awesome job in keeping the main villain, Ares, under wraps, and the mystery continues with the final trailer. We do get some glimpses of David Thewlis' Patrick Morgan (theorized to be Ares' human form) and Danny Huston's General Erich Ludendorff as characters who are clearly concerned with Diana's heroic actions, but of much more interest is what we learn about the mysterious Doctor Poison (played by Elena Anaya) from Steve Trevor's interrogation on Themyscira.

We see Poison engaging in chemical warfare and tormenting soldiers while Steve warns the Amazons that she's one of the most feared terrorists in the world. It's a clever misdirection, but it does stoke the flames nicely for fans who are patiently waiting on Ares' final form, and to see if Ludendorff will indeed be revealed as an enemy who is more god than mortal. Zack Snyder's "Batman vs. Superman" revealed Doomsday in its final trailer, so the fact Jenkins/Warner Bros. didn't do the same for Ares has increased the level of anticipation and excitement. Because, let's face it, a LEGO tease of Ares just doesn't do the film's main villain enough justice!

A Balanced Tone

Not only did we learn more about several characters' motivations, the trailer packed in tons of action in as Wonder Woman took on World War I forces. A lot of it sees her on the receiving end of enemy fire, while whipping the Allied soldiers much of it we've seen before, but the combination of explosions, bullets flying and fighter planes doing battle helps paint the picture of this film being a massive visual spectacle more clearly than previous trailers. We see Wonder Woman in hand-to-hand combat, swift swordplay, and various battles shot in that slow-motion Snyder-style of cinematography.

Beyond the action, the thing that's most obvious, and perhaps even most important the film will have a blatantly humorous tone. A similarly lighter tone was seen in the last "Justice League" trailer, and seems to reinforce that the DCEU is indeed actively making a shift to a more fun approach to super heroics. Perhaps the best example of how the humor will help the film's world-building is the scene which shows Steve creating Wonder Woman's Diana Prince alias on the fly. Humor is key to humanizing characters with powers far beyond anything we see in the real world, so injecting Diana's world with a healthy dose of it is an important move, not only for "Wonder Woman," but for the DCEU as a whole.

Opening June 2, director Patty Jenkins' "Wonder Woman" stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis, Danny Huston, Elena Anaya, Saïd Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, Lisa Loven Kongsli and David Thewlis.

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