Final Trailer Arrives For Guardians, the Russian Superhero Film

When the first trailer for Russia's superhero film Guardians was released last year, it became the talk of the internet -- both for its apparent uniqueness and its man-bear. Subsequent trailers have made it a point of revealing the central plot while also offering up more action sequences, including plenty featuring the man-bear himself.

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In the latest, and final, trailer, we see the team headed into battle set against some delightful background music. It's a fun promo that takes the time to further explain the plot while also putting the full spectacle of the film on display.

For those in need of a refresher, "Guardians" is about a team of Soviet superheroes created during the Cold War by altering and augmenting the DNA of four people. Following years of living in secrecy, the heroes (each representing a different nationality of the USSR) are called back into action to confront a supervillain threatening Moscow.

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Directed by Sarik Andreasyan from a script by Andrey Gavrilov, "Guardians" opens internationally Feb. 23. A sequel, "Guardians 2," is reportedly in development.

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