Final 'Omaha the Cat Dancer' collection due from NBM in July

Omaha the Cat Dancer, the decades-old erotic comic by artist Reed Waller and writer Kate Worley, will see its final storyline collected by NBM in July.

Waller teamed with Worley's husband, Kings in Disguise writer James Vance, to finish the story from an outline that Worley completed before her death in 2004. The story was serialized previously in NBM's Sizzle Magazine. “Helping Reed finish Kate's story is one of the toughest jobs I've ever taken on, but she left us in very good shape,” Vance said in a press release. “The final act of Omaha will be dramatic, sexy, touching and satisfying."

Note: There's a Not-Safe-For-Work image after the jump.

The often controversial, Eisner-winning comic debuted in 1978 in Waller's Vootie fanzine, and appeared in several anthologies until it garnered its own series from SteelDragon Press in 1984. Worley began writing the series with issue #2, and with issue #3 the series moved to Kitchen Sink Press. In 1987, issues of Omaha were among those ceased by authorities from Friendly Frank’s in Chicago -- an action that would ultimately lead to the birth of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The series experienced some delays after Worley was in a car accident in 1988 and later was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1991. After a brief time being published under the Fantagraphics banner, the comic ceased publication in 1995. Even today, the comic still finds itself amidst controversy, as it was one of several comics Apple told comiXology to remove from their app store this week.

“I am proud to bring this classic back to life again and to be given the opportunity to finish this great saga,” says NBM publisher Terry Nantier. “In our Eurotica and Amerotica lines, this will join a line-up of intelligent erotic works in comics such as The Story of O or Quinn’s Shadow & Light. However, Omaha is not just an erotic work, it also has a complex involving story of relationships in which sexuality plays an important role. And that, I believe we don’t see enough of. Our sexuality is an important ingredient in our everyday lives, our happiness, our fulfillment. I look forward to this revival bringing the sexy vibrant Omaha to a whole new audience!”

The final volume will reacquaint old readers with the memorable cast and, "follow them into the nightclubs, boardrooms and bedrooms of Mipple City ... and discover at last who killed the despicable Senator Bonner. It's an appropriate finale for a series that's been praised around the world as a classic one-of-a-kind series for intelligent adult readers," the press release reads. The final volume will debut at the San Diego Comic-Con, where Waller is scheduled to appear.

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