Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Returns in Long-Awaited Remake Teaser

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Despite being announced back in 2015, the team behind the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake has been rather tight-lipped about the project.While details about the project have been few and far between since it was announced in 2015, Sony unveiled some gameplay footage in a brand new teaser trailer during its annual State of Play livestream.

While Sony promised to reveal more about the much-awaited game by June, Final Fantasy VII director Tetsuya Nomura said, "Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch" in a tweet from the official Final Fantasy Twitter account.

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The trailer features shots of the iconic cast in the familiar setting of Midgar, complete with a sneak peek at the first reactor that the AVALANCHE crew destroys. Out of the core cast, Cloud, Barrett and Aerith all make appearances in a clip that shows off their new gorgeously-rendered 3D designs.

The trailer seems to highlight the early portions the game, including the aforementioned Midgar reactor and Guard Scorpion boss that players of the 1997 game should find familiar. While Tifa seems to be missing from the footage, other AVALANCHE members like Jesse and Biggs appear on screen for a few seconds.

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Although other core characters like Cid, Cait Sith, and the Turks don't appear in this trailer, the iconic villain Sephiroth makes his debut towards the end. The one-winged angel ascends from the sky, tormenting Cloud as he asks "Can you bear to see the planet suffer?"

As of now, the release date for Final Fantasy VII remains unknown. The game is developed by Square Enix and will be available for the PlayStation 4 console.

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