Final Fantasy VII: Who's Who (and What's What) in the Remake Trailer

Another new trailer for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake just dropped, showcasing many familiar faces and settings from the 1997 classic video game, along with some new surprise twists.

Here's a look at all the new reveals.

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Amongst the sea of familiar faces in the trailer, there was one noticeable addition: a mullet-wearing, motorcycle-bound SOLDIER. He certainly doesn't look like anyone from the original game nor the spin-offs like Crisis Core. However, that sword he's carrying is definitely SOLDIER-issued and Cloud seemed to recognize him as such.


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In the previous trailer, fans got a glimpse of the Shinra building that Cloud and company storm in the early segment of the game. In this trailer, the consecutive sequence occurs, featuring a short look at Cloud and Tifa's heartfelt conversation in the Shinra lockup facility.

In the original game, Tifa brought up Cloud's childhood promise to her here, a plot thread that would return later in the game. It also was a pivotal point in the original game because it featured the first of many Sephiroth murder sprees.

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In the previous trailer, players got the first look at Jessie, Biggs and Wedge, three of the AVALANCHE members from the early stages of the game. The new trailer expanded on that content, showing a brief glimpse of Wedge and a slightly deeper look at Biggs and Jessie.

From the looks of it, the three will get bigger speaking roles, more screen time, and potentially even extra missions. It's a little extra worldbuilding for three characters who were previously very minor.


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Speaking of familiar scenes, the new trailer teased the first confrontation between the Turks, Cloud and Aerith in the church. It's also our first look into Aerith's iconic setting, complete with a touch of greenery to highlight her flower garden. In the 1997 game, this was the point where Aerith inducts Cloud as her bodyguard... and the rest is history.


Over the years, Reno of the Turks has become a fan favorite, no doubt in part thanks to Quinton Joseph Flynn's charismatic portrayal of the character in the Advent Children film. In this trailer, he's featured quite heavily, hinting at new extra content for the redheaded Turk. He faces off against Cloud multiple times in the new footage.


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You can't have Reno without having Rude. The two are somewhat of a bad guy/ buddy cop duo in Final Fantasy VII and its adjacent material. We get our first look at Rude in the newest trailer, sporting his iconic suit and sunglasses look as he confronts Cloud and Aerith in the Sector 7 church.

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The cross-dressing mission in Final Fantasy VII has been the stuff of infamy for years, so naturally, players have been wondering if that would make it into the remake. Lo and behold, several scenes from the mission are the trailer, including Don Corneo himself. Corneo seems right on par with his original incarnation, spewing perverted dialogue and dressed to party. Additionally, Aerith made an appearance in the red dress she wears for the mission as she and Cloud attempt to rescue Tifa from his clutches.

Based on the fact that the squatting minigame in the gym was shown in the trailer, one can assume that it's a good bet Cloud will have to put on the dress to save Tifa once again in the remake. In the 1997 game, Aerith took Cloud across Wall Market to find different items to dress him up as a girl in hopes to fool Corneo and rescue Tifa. One such minigame included a squatting competition in the gym where if the player won, Cloud would recieve a blonde wig.


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Tseng of the Turks was also shown in the trailer as he delivers a sinister message to Aerith. Tseng is the leader of the Turks, tasked with bringing Aerith to Shinra ever since she was a little girl. However, Tseng has a soft spot for her and has delayed completing his mission for years.


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President Shinra was shown to taunt the AVALANCHE crew in the trailer. Although his son, Rufus is the Shinra man in charge for most of Final Fantasy VII onwards, President Shinra ruled the company with an iron fist for the early portions of the game. His dream is to build Neo Midgar in the Promised Land, and he's steadfast in his goals even if it means hurting others -- or the planet.


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Getting turned into a frog is a Final Fantasy staple. There's just something undeniably funny about watching those frogs do the victory dance at the end of a battle, wiggling around and all. In the trailer, when Cloud gets toad-ed, he even gets to keep his Buster Sword on his back.

The enhanced remake of Final Fantasy VII is developed and published by Square Enix. It is scheduled to be released on March 3, 2020 for PlayStation 4.

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