<i>Final Destination 5</i> Trailer Arrives

The Final Destination series is easily one of the most hilarious success stories in Hollywood. Now four movies in with a fifth on the way, each installment follows a group of people who inexplicably manage to escape death and are then killed off, one by one, as fate catches up with them. It's goofy good times built entirely around the idea of setting up elaborate, Rube Goldberg-ian death sequences.

The hilarious part is the ongoing success of the series or, more precisely, the studio's response to that success. Final Destination 4 earned more than $182 million at the worldwide box office against a budget of just $40 million. This guaranteed a sequel, of course, but the success left executives at New Line completely baffled. “It’s the worst film of the franchise. And that’s not my opinion; that’s everyone’s opinion," one told Vulture in a 2010 interview.

It doesn't matter. A fifth movie is on the way, it's going to be released in 3D, and it has a script from Eric Heisserer, who wrote the upcoming remake of The Thing. And now, it's got a death-riddled trailer, which you can check out below. Final Destination 5 opens on Aug. 26.

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