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Final Crisis: Resist #1

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Final Crisis: Resist #1

In all seriousness, who do I have to run over to get Ryan Sook to draw a full 22 pages of a comic book?

Sook has been one of my favorite artists since I first saw his work in Dan Slott’s “Arkham Asylum” book. Since then he’s had high-profile (and finished) work on “Zatanna” and “X-Factor.” He was also, hands down, the best part of “Countdown To Final Crisis” with his monthly illustrations for the series. You can imagine my enthusiasm when I heard he was drawing one of the “Final Crisis” crossovers.

Sadly, he is replaced rather unceremoniously midscene by Marco Rudy. (If they’re inked by anyone in particular, we may never know. There are no credits listed in the book.) Sook is a great fit for the creepy spy intrigue in the opening scenes as Checkmate is quickly subsumed by the Anti-Life Equation until only Sasha Bordeaux, Mr. Terrific, Snapper Carr, Thinker, and a handful of others remain. (And when did Snapper Carr join Checkmate? That’s just awesome!)

Marco isn’t a bad artist by any stretch of the imagination. He’s perfectly serviceable to the other two-thirds of the story, as things get worse for what’s left of Checkmate, but I do wish I could see one whole story drawn by one of the strongest artists working today. I’m probably being harsher on Rudy than I mean to. It’s not that his work is lacking in any way. It’s just a distinctly different style from the one that preceded it.

All of that out of the way, “Resist” is a much stronger book than its counterpart, “Submit”. It has a broader, more exciting scope, and it’s more engaging. Rucka also has been rather blessed with opportunity to control the destinies of the characters he helped bring to prominence in the DC Universe, like Renee Montoya in “52” and “Revelations” and here with Sasha Bordeaux, who he introduced way back in the “Bruce Wayne: Murderer” days.

“Resist” also uses another Rucka creation (no spoilers) to rather ingenious effect. I’m sure it will be developed a bit more in “Final Crisis” and I’m not sure if it was Morrison’s idea or Rucka’s. Either way, it’s pretty slick one.
The book does a much better job of describing the month between “Final Crisis” #3 and #4 than its partner, and is also way more significant for more than a few characters. Unlike a lot of other crossovers, this is less of a showcase story that happens to have the words “Final Crisis” on the cover and instead is a really in depth detailing of a lot of the fallout from the main series.

Could’ve used just a bit more Ryan Sook, though.