Final cover for 'The Complete Zenith' escapes into the wild

As the date of 2000AD/Rebellion's limited release of The Complete Zenith draws near, the publicity campaign for the book also reaches its, uh, zenith.

No matter where you stand on the ethics of the release, or on the matter of the material's ownership (and I'm sure there will be plenty more claims and counter-claims on that issue to come), it must be stated that the final cover is a great-looking design, strong and bold and graphic.

Like many people, I'm conflicted about this: It's a great-looking book, but the price definitely seems more than a little gouge-y (£100, or about $151 U.S). And I'm no fan of work-for-hire, so I kinda want Grant Morrison to push this matter a little harder. I also think Rebellion, the current owner of 2000AD, is doing a great job at stewarding the grand old anthology, and in many ways is just trying to deal with problems it inherited from previous regimes, to the satisfaction of the title's fans. I'll watch how this develops with interest, but its hard to pick a side to root for.

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