Fin Fang Four Return #1

Story by
Art by
Roger Langridge
Colors by
J. Brown
Letters by
Dave Lanphear
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Deceptively overpriced and certain to be under-ordered, "Fin Fang Four Return" continues the experiment of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. This issue collects four previously offered digital stories and wraps them under a new cover that spoofs another classic Marvel cover of yesteryear. Surrounded by incompetents, Fin Fang Foom finds himself engaging in adventures with the likes of Doc Samson, Egghead, Gorgilla, Googam, Elektro, and the legendary Wong -- Dr. Strange's assistant.

Leave all logic and rationale at the doorway or on the desk. This book is zany, madcap and more than a little amusing. Langridge and Gray provide a fun book, with little significance in the bigger picture of the Marvel Universe save to have a little enjoyment in crafting their work.

Langridge delivers double duty, offering up crisp, yet bouncy art to relay the adventures of each of the Four in a suitable manner. I found the "Curious George" metaphor used on Gorgilla's segment to be the most creative of the solo tales. Langridge's art is perfectly suited for the irreverent subject matter here. The characters are fringe at the very best and more often than not complete throwaways that had to be dragged out of mothballs for this appearance.

This title doesn't break any ground nor does it blast into the depths of the unknown, but it does offer some chuckles. I view this as a test of the market in a sense. These were stories originally offered only digitally, but collected in print here. Marvel has been offering exclusives on the Digital Comics Unlimited site; for those who have not subscribed, this issue presents a chance to enjoy heretofore exclusive stories.

Rest assured, if you are looking for solace and a chance to escape rampant Wolverine sightings (otherwise known as "Loganism") this book will be a happy haven for you (except for some cake advertisement -- really -- with Wolverine in it).

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