Filmmakers Reinvent Franchises On Shankar's 'Bootleg Universe Pitch Show'

The Wrap has learned that producer Adi Shankar will soon launch a new web series expanding upon his popular "Bootleg Universe" brand. "The 'Bootleg Universe' Pitch Show" is described by the Wrap as "a new talk show series where Hollywood’s hottest writers and directors present ideas for reinventing their favorite franchises."

The series spins out of "Adi Shankar's Bootleg Universe," a series of web shorts he produced reimagining franchises and well-known characters like the Punisher, Judge Dredd, the Power Rangers and James Bond. Shankar has spread his re-imagination to also include a new "Castlevania" animated series.

The first season of "The 'Bootleg Universe' Pitch Show" will include “Tangerine” writer/director Sean Baker, “The Guest” writer Simon Barrett, “The Voices” scribe Michael R. Perry, “V/H/S” & “Devil’s Due” filmmakers Radio Silencer and “Running Scared” writer/director Wayne Kramer. All 16 episodes of the "Pitch Show's" first season will be available on Shankar's YouTube channel beginning on September 14.

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